Welcome to Epic Tales in the Fable Realms! Follow a frightened farm boy and a courageous young princess as they adventure across a bleak and forlorn landscape thick with magic, mystery and malevolent monsters. Whether they are trying to redeem themselves or save those in peril, they continue to learn that when hope is lost, heroes are born.


K. R. Bourgoine is a National Bestselling Author of many fantasy magazine stories and books, as well as being the creator of several board games. He is known for writing suspenseful epic fantasy stories that keep you on the edge of your seat while also breaking your heart. 

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The First Fable


Book 1 of Epic Tales in the Fable Realms

His father’s a war hero, unfortunately its for the wrong side

Macal knew three things:

Young and terrified, Macal is forced on an adventure that takes him across the kingdom. Assassins, spies, riddles, traps, mysteries, wizards, creatures from the dark, invading troll legions and more, stand in his way as he attempts to find his father and prove his innocence. And worst of all, he learns that in some wars there are no survivors.

“The First Fable has an amazing amount of adventure packed in its pages.” James Ward, Author of many books & designer of the first science fiction RPG, Metamorphosis Alpha & designer of the first apocalypse RPG, Gamma World 

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The Second Fable

Book 2 of Epic Tales in the Fable Realms

Few try to be heroes. Even fewer survive.

In the forsaken village of Rellemore, Macal and the courageous Princess Aeria rush to stop the scourge billowing from a nightmarish tower. Joined by a small frightened boy, a young traumatized girl wielding powers she doesn't understand, an inept apprentice wizard, and his long time tormentor, Macal must push past the stormy emotions that continually overwhelm him if he is going to save those that remain in the ghastly town.

Inside the mystical tower the terrified children must pass arcane puzzles, fantastical challenges, and deadly dangers. Only by working together in spite of their differences do they have a chance at surviving the madness that threatens them every step of the way. 

As mistakes are made, they soon learn bravery is fleeting and nightmares last forever.

Fans of The Fable Series will be enthralled by the newest installment in its series, The Second Fable, bringing back memorable characters in thrilling new treacherous and legendary adventures and battles. Rich in detail and steeped in plot twists, author K. R. Bourgoine once again creates an enduring fantasy story for young adults and adults alike. 

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Adventurer the Card Game

Featuring characters from The First Fable, Adventurer is a new fast-paced acquisition-of-power dungeon crawl card game with endless replayability. This is not a CCG, everything you need to play is in small portable box.

Adventurer is a quick and easy card game for 1-4 players who each play a hero battling their way through a dark castle full of traps, treasures and monsters to find the vampire lord, Count Lodrac. The first hero to find a stake and defeat the vile fiend wins the game.

The game includes:

Beautifully illustrated box

76 card Castle Deck

1 Limited Edition bonus card

2 six-sided dice

1 page rule sheet

And all 4 heroes

Adventurer the Card Game: Portals Expansion

The Portals Expansion adds a ton of new features that all the fans have been asking for in regards to player interaction. With Portals players can now trade, do battle, and even hire thieves to steal from one another. Portals also introduces Mystical Forces to the game, magical energies that can be a boon or a bane to all players.

Portals also includes 1 new hero designed by a player like you!

Adventurer the Card Game: Chaos Expansion

The Chaos Expansion is all about giving the players more control over their adventurers. With these new cards the player can now choose to encounter a danger–or not. Do you want attempt to open a possibly trapped chest? Opening it could mean certain death, but could also mean showering you in powerful treasures!

The Chaos Expansion also introduces a new way to win the game. Instead of only defeating the vampire lord to be victorious, players can now collect Chests of Power. The first player to collect three wins.

Chaos also includes 1 new hero designed by a player like you!