K. R. Bourgoine

National Bestselling Author K. R. Bourgoine began writing in 1999 as a creative outlet to add something new to the world. He is never at a loss for ideas, sometimes emerging from a single word or image that forms an entire story in his mind. With a list of one hundred story concepts, it’s just a matter of having the time to devote to developing some of them.

An interesting habit that K. R. has when writing his books is that he often listens to the same song on repeat while writing a whole novel. It’s like he's watching a movie in his head and trying to copy down what he’s imagining. The music puts him in an emotional place that K. R. believes adds heart to what he’s trying to capture.

K. R. believes that a good story is one that evokes strong emotions, and that is entertaining. He hopes that his young readers come away from reading his books with the message that, in the long run, people are what matters and your actions can affect them deeply.

K. R.’s writing journey provided an opportunity for him to meet Gary Gygax, the creator of “Dungeons and Dragons” and from that meeting the two became friends. Playing that game for thousands of hours trained K. R. in how to tell a story and keep people on the edge of their seats. He then went on to write stories for Gygax’s magazine, Lejends, including some featuring the legendary character “Gord the Rogue,” of whom K. R. was a huge fan growing up. He considers that his greatest achievement.

K. R. is the published writer of many fantasy magazine stories and books, and the creator of several board games. When he isn’t writing suspenseful epic fantasy stories for young adults, K. R. is creative in many ways. He enjoys painting, designing board games and computer games, drawing, and making full-size arcade machines. He also likes to spend time skateboarding and playing games. He lives in New York City.


When K.R. speaks about his works or his experiences with the writing process, he mixes fresh ideas, wit, and a passion for creating new stories and characters. By combining energy and enthusiasm, K.R. is able to give insight into the writing process and encourage his audience to take up their pens and begin writing.

While K.R. routinely primarily delivers custom content, his most popular topics include:

  • What his writing process is (Spoilers: He says it's like watching a movie in his mind)

  • How he adds life to his stories and creates memorable characters

  • Building a strong story structure, finding the right pacing, and creating a good cliffhanger

  • How to bring imaginative worlds to life

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