“The First Fable has an amazing amount of adventure packed in its pages.” James Ward, Author of many books & designer of the first science fiction RPG, Metamorphosis Alpha & designer of the first apocalypse RPG, Gamma World.

“Trolling for a roller coaster action adventure that is packed with swords and sorcery? Then this is your next meal! Macal and Lalliard are back in the generation story of their partnership and it is a tale not to be missed. This story grabs you with a relentless hold that simply will not let go. A hero is born. Don't miss the event!" Chris Clark, Founder and Author of Inner City Games

"Being transported to another world, meeting amazing characters, and being caught up in an unbelievable adventure....What's not to Love? Can't wait for more!"

"When I started reading "The First Fable" I was quickly drawn in to the characters and their journey. This book made me feel as if I was a part of a fantastic journey right along with the characters. The story is well written and reads like a roller coaster ride. Some of the characters I found to be hilarious, some I found to be extremely inspiring and others simply took me through a complete gamut of emotion. This fast paced adventure reads in a way that made me feel as if I were watching the story unfold on a big screen. I found myself laughing out loud while reading this book only to find myself close to tears after only a few pages. This is definite must read!"

"My daughter hates to read. Any assignment given by school to read a book of any kind, we have to constantly remind her to complete. Not this book. She couldn't put it down, and finished it on her own, without any reminder! Wonderful to finally find an author that engages the reader as much as Bourgoine does."

The First Fable

The First Fable, Book 1 of the National Bestselling series, Epic Tales in the Fable Realms, by K.R. Bourgoine

His father’s a war hero, unfortunately its for the wrong side

Macal Teel is a farm boy living with his uncle in the Kingdom of Elronia. His life is upended when his kingdom comes under attack by invading troll legions. His father is a war hero, or so he thought until he is accused of betraying the Dragoon army. When Macal begins a terrifying quest, uncovering secrets from generations past and confronting loathsome creatures and boundless dangers, he is determined to save Elronia and prove his father’s innocence—before it’s too late. From author K. R. Bourgoine comes the riveting young adult fantasy collection, The Fable series, starting with book one, The First Fable, an imaginative and emotional story woven with elements of mystery, danger, and magic.

Young Macal’s father is a revered and honored captain in the Dragoon army. A great warrior, Bertran Teel had seen many battles and fought many wars to keep the Kingdom of Elronia safe within the world of Aerlinth. Macal is proud of his war hero father and is anxiously awaiting his return to his village, along with other cavalry already arriving. But his father is not coming home, and Macal is devastated as he learns why from the soldier who readily took over Bertran’s command as Dragoon captain.

“As you can imagine,” the captain was saying, “it bodes ill for the Teel family. No longer does that name hold any honor.”

“What do you mean?” Macal had never heard such a sharp tone from Uncle Melkes.

“Your brother Bertran left the Dragoon some time ago,” informed the captain.

“What do you mean, left? He wouldn’t just leave. And if he had, he would have come home.”

Jengus’s response was icy. “We have reason to believe that Bertran Teel is betraying the army and the Kingdom of Elronia.”

It isn’t long before Macal is thrust from everything he’s ever known into a quest to save his kingdom, prove his father’s innocence, and uncover generations of dangerous secrets. As the Trolls of Marglamesh wage a devastating war against the teen’s kingdom, Macal must navigate a perilous world, more threatening and magical than the farm boy ever imagined.

Macal could see a herd of massive creatures with long, crooked noses and thick olive skin covered in boils, warts, and scars stalking through the night, pouring out of the shadows of the northwest Rotelen woods...To his horror, he recognized these foul creatures. Although he had never actually seen anything so hideous and terrifying in all his life, he had heard enough about them to know that the trolls had come.

As Macal searches for his father on his treacherous journey, he must find victory before the wretched trolls take over his kingdom forever. In the process, Macal learns about the cost of sacrifice, the value of family, and himself.

The thrilling saga of Macal and The Kingdom of Elronia continues with the second and third volumes of this fascinating fantasy series, The Second Fable and The Third Fable. Worlds collide for young adult and adult readers who will love the fast-paced adventures, the chemistry between the characters, and the interplay of fantasy, legends, magic, and danger in The Fable series. Author K. R. Bourgoine expertly weaves stories that are both timeless and unique, perfect cross-market reads for those searching for the next enduring epic fantasy series.

The Second Fable

The Second Fable, Book 2 of the National Bestselling series, Epic Tales in the Fable Realms, by K.R. Bourgoine

A tower of nightmares. A ragtag band of children. Sometimes it's better to never wake up.

In the forsaken village of Rellemore the hesitant Macal and the courageous Princess Aeria rush to stop the scourge spewing from a nightmarish tower and taking over their land and its people.

Joined by a small frightened boy, a young traumatized girl wielding powers she doesn't understand, an inept apprentice wizard, along with his long time tormentor and bully, thirteen-year-old Macal must push himself past the stormy emotions that continually threaten to overwhelm him and drown him in their darkness. Beseeched to take on a quest to help his princess and his people, Macal and his troupe must pass rising legions of eternal creatures as they venture toward the structure of doom and death in Rellemore.

“Finally they saw them... The things appeared gaseous, as if they had been one with the mist and from it they were born, becoming tangible... Rising from mist like a phoenix from ashes… Dozens of creatures came into being... Closer they came, and more horrifying details of their ghastly visages became clear… Their eyes were cerulean and were full of eldritch fire matching the color of the black and violet clouds. With rigid movements, their arms reached out toward the children. Wanting them. Desiring them.

The creatures were all around them now in a large circle of death. And the circle was closing in.”

Surviving the journey across the ghastly village is only the first step for Macal and his fellow crusaders. Inside the terrifying mystical tower, the overwhelmed children must pass arcane puzzles, fantastical challenges and deadly dangers. Only by working together, in spite of their differences, do they have a chance at defeating the madness that threatens to envelop them in every room.

As mistakes are made, they soon learn that while few try to be heroes, even fewer survive.

Fans of The Fable Series will be enthralled by the newest installment in its series, The Second Fable, bringing back memorable characters in thrilling new treacherous and legendary adventures and battles. Rich in detail and steeped in plot twists and turns, author K. R. Bourgoine once again creates an enduring fantasy story for young adults and adults alike.

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